Who We Are

GMDM is unique because we display consultant pages from various industries. Companies can hire consultants for project work.

If the company likes them then they are 100% free to be hired.
This site helps the employer find the right consultant and how they are rated with former client.


The key principle that GMDM focuses on is that people who use software tend to have to sort and organized data in order to apply it to the software. Many of the consultants have in depth
data software knowledge.


Data management includes setting up data so it is clean and useful for companies to use. The consultant can manage data, use software to produce results, or both.
The geomechanics consultants are knowledgeable in various types of software at various levels.
The software the consultant have experience displayed on the consultant pages.


Although we have a specific page for geomechanics, please note that we include consultants from many
industries and specialties. We also offer a page devoted to learning resources and creative
solutions. Within this section we offer research material, typical industry equations, a place to
ask other people questions, and a dictionary separated by industry.